Please Note:

    revised Jan 21, 2005

  1. The information disclosed in this application will be made available only to participating school districts. You may indicate multiple regions where you would prefer to work. In addition, if you are currently working for a school district in this state, you may prevent your current employer from receiving your data.

  2. You must complete all sections of this application. Making false statements on this application or omitting information, may be grounds for dismissal.

  3. I hereby authorize representatives of the EducationPlus™ (Cooperating School Districts) and all REAP members to contact all persons and entities listed on this application and to make all other contacts, inquiries, and investigations which they deem necessary to verify my education, employment, and criminal and child abuse history, including but not limited to contacting current and/or past employers, educational institutions, law enforcement, and child abuse agencies. I hereby consent to the release of any such information by third persons and I understand that the EducationPlus™ (Cooperating School Districts) will keep such information in a confidential file, available only to appropriate district officials.

    I hereby release and hold harmless the directors, officers, employees, and agents of (1) EducationPlus™ (Cooperating School Districts); (2) all REAP members; (3) each of my past employers; and (4) any other person or entity providing information to the EducationPlus™ (Cooperating School Districts) and/or members of REAP in connection with my application for employment, from any and all liability arising from disclosure of personnel records and/or from oral appraisals of my past performance made to the Cooperating Schools Districts and all REAP members.

    I understand that employment with a REAP member is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of a criminal and child abuse/neglect record check. In accordance with State law, this background check will include a complete fingerprint criminal records check. An unsatisfactory report shall constitute cause for rejection of an application or immediate termination, if the applicant has been hired. Although the existence of an arrest, charge, plea, conviction, and/or sentence alone may not constitute an unsatisfactory report, a REAP member has a compelling interest in ensuring the safety and welfare of its students. Therefore, a REAP member is permitted by law, and has an obligation, to request criminal and child abuse/neglect information and official records for each applicant and employee, and to act in accordance with such information and official records.

    I hereby certify that all information provided by me in connection with this application is true, accurate, and complete. I understand that any false, inaccurate, incomplete, omitted, or misleading information provided on this application, or on any other documents submitted in connection with this application, shall be cause for refusal to hire, or if the applicant has been hired, for immediate termination.

  4. Because it is very important to keep the information in REAP current:

    • I understand that my application will be deleted if it is not completed in 90 days.
    • I promise to keep my application up to date by periodically updating it.
    • I promise to put my application on "Hold" when I am no longer actively seeking employment.
      (Note: you may reactivate your application anytime.)
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